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Writing the PhD Thesis: Taking the Final Call

Writing research dissertation seems to be the most difficult and troublesome task for any PhD student. Writing a research dissertation in some quantitative areas such as mathematics, finance, are even more disappointing for a doctoral candidate. When they start writing their dissertation, they are simply naïve about how to accomplish the uphill task successfully. Quality of the write-up and time limit are some of the other problems the researchers face during thesis writing. This article is supposed to through some light on how to initiate writing a good dissertation. When you intend to start writing your PhD dissertation, it is suggested to take up the following steps:

(i)           Do a logical segmentation of the proposed chapters: researchers are expected to present their research findings in a logical and effective way. So, it is a prerequisite of a good dissertation that it follows a logical chapter sequence. You must do this task of chapterisation in consultation with your senior and experienced colleague.

(ii)          Follow a time frame: after you have decided upon your proposed chapters, you must assign a predetermined time for each chapter so that you could follow it and complete it in a disciplined manner. This is the most important thing to do in advance.

(iii)        Content matters: Keep the content of each chapter focused and effective. For instance, introduction part of a chapter should be kept short as compared to discussions. Most of the research areas in social sciences are based on some sort of theoretical background and then empirical issues. Review of literature can then be divided in two separate chapters/sub-chapters, namely theoretical and empirical review of literature. This gives an interesting look to any dissertation.

(iv)        Statistically sound: Usually all the dissertations consists a large number of tables and figures containing statistics about all the data and results. Try to keep those large tables as appendix and small ones closer to the relevant discussions. Few readers of the dissertations (except those seriously investigating the research issues) bother to delve into the details of those eye-eating figures and statistics.

(v)          Read it simple: Again, write your dissertation in a language as simple as possible. Though it is easier said than done, following a reader-centric style of writing is the best way to keep your write-up lucid and interesting for readers.

(vi)        Bibliographical issues: Every university/institution follows its unique style of quoting bibliographical references and preface/executive summary, etc. so, stick to the guidelines provided by the research committees by your university/institution.

Keeping the above issues in mind, I hope the readers would find it easy to write their PhD dissertations. Ultimately, what matters is your commitment to the quality of your research and dedication and passion for your job. I wish you all the best for your research endeavours.

Keep exploring through research!!

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